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Ugh!!!!! I have been under a lot of stress for the past few days as whenever I enter my studio for painting, the moment I give a look at the room shivers pass through my body by seeing the mess and how many disasters I have made in the room, my painting brushes, markers, color pencils, paints, masking tape, and other utensils all lying here and there on the floor, everything is disorganized. Every time I motivate myself to assemble things but how many times I have tried nothing gets to its proper place I end up making things worst and because of this, I don’t feel like painting or completing my orders.

Painting has always been my favorite hobby first then it became a profession because of all the disasters in the studio I feel like I have started losing interest in painting, after seeing all the consequences I decided to do some research and buy something that will be an ease to my problems. I suddenly went through a website named Amazon I found a product you can say it as love as first side type of feelings, it was the solution to all problems. I immediately pressed the buy icon and received it within 2 days.

The product was in lush condition even more than it looked in the pictures provided there. It helped me so much in cleaning the mess of my studio, all of the markers, paintbrushes, color pencils, mask tape, paints which were a moment ago all disorganized was now organized. My studio looked way tidier, everything in its place. After seeing my studio back to its perfect finish I wished if I had found the product earlier, so I could have been relaxed before as I am now.

After doing a lot of research, struggling on different websites I finally found one good and useful one named Amazon, I saw many sorts of different wooden art boxes which would have been useful to me by scrolling and scrolling one product that caught my eye. When I went through its information provided it seemed that this was all that I have been searching for so long, and I couldn’t help myself from gushing about high-quality it has, though it had unfinished wood not painted still it could be used the way it was in a lovely shape. And if you consider the price you will see that it is more valuable than it appears to be. It has trays in it which are easy to slide in and out nothing gets stuck in middle or is hard to move. I bought it for my artwork essentials which can hold up together without creating a mess such as my paintbrushes, markers, pencils and paints, and a lot of extra stuff. The wooden art box even had a leather handle for holding it easily, you can have a firm grip on it, which will prevent you from losing the grip. As it included drawers and compartments, which made it a lot easier to have various sections for each tool.

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There is another specific way by which you can select the desired product. First of all, you can search the product on the webpage and then the number of products will appear on the directed search usually the best products are on the top the rest follows in descending order, you can look at the descriptive reviews and stars to choose a product that will suit you best. You can also look at the information given about the specific products which will include installation and technical details.

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A quick glimpse of the product for the buyers,


  • Lightweight (2.8 pounds)
  • Length (14 ¼”)
  • Width (9 ¼”)
  • Height (5 7/8”)
  • Wing length (27”)


  • 4 segmented internal storage areas.
  • Pivoting back with box jointed corners.
  • Wing storage areas with removable sheet lids.


  • Solid sanded Beachwoodsturdy construction.
  • Sturdy leathery handle.
  • Solid metal hinges and hardware.
  • Lightweight convenient size.
  • Great for most artists and studios.
  • Solid metal clasps and fasteners.
  • Box joints for better strength.

It’s a multi-purpose tool and is very easy to handle and use because of it being lightweight and elegant in looking and not that huge in size. It is constructed with solid wood panels. Furthermore, it has a large space for storage and is even easy to carry anywhere because of being lightweight. Its small yet has a large storage capacity and is durable. It also has wings which make it easier for a person to assemble things in place. As it has a cover or a top that was extremely handy because it didn’t allow items to fall out of position and the compartments it has didn’t allow the tools to mingle, which is more valuable for the artist because it saves time. The wooden art box takes very little space in the studio.


Would this be stainable?

ANS: yes it is unfinished and can be stainable or painted.

Would this be good to store various-sized markers?

ANS: yes. This box can hold smaller sharpies as well as the others. Lots of room.

What is the weight of this box?

ANS: the weight of the artist storage box is approximately 4 to 5 pounds.

To sum it up what I am trying to say is my studio looks more assembled now than before. it has brought a sense of relief to my life, it has organized my studio, I can now spend time enjoying myself working rather than worrying about the mess I used to have I would literally recommend this product to all of my friends as it’s been extremely helpful. And now I am back on track, painting with all my heart without worrying about making a mess, which I must always clean up before starting or finishing the task at hand.

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