Margaret Seeler Collection

The collection Includes:

– Two original line drawings, Iris (6 5/8″x9 5/8″) and Portrait (7 5/8″ x 10 5/8″)
– “Art of Enameling” Book by M. Seeler
– 19 Glass on Metal issues featuring her articles


Margaret Seeler Collection: Drawings, Books and Articles

  • Margaret Seeler was one of the most influential enamelers of our time. She was given the title ‘Grandmother of Enamel- ing in the United States’ and given the title ‘Living Treasure of Enameling’ by the Enamelist Society in August 1989.
  • Margaret was born in Berlin, Germany. She studied art at the Berlin Academy of Art (Vereinigte Staatsschulen fur freie und angewandte Kunst), concentrating on drawing, painting, goldsmithing and enameling.
  • In 1935 she began traveling, which took her around the globe until the end of 1937, at which time she returned to Berlin, married, and began raising two children.
  • Margaret Seeler spent the years encompassing World War II in Berlin and East Germany, then escaped to the West where she set up her home and studio in the Black Forest.
  • During a visit to the United States she was offered a teaching position with the Putney School in Vermont, as well as several guest instructor positions with other universities. She made her home in Weston, Connecticut, where she also maintained her own shop. She later moved to Kennebunkport, Maine, where she died in January 1996.
  • Margaret Seeler’s work has been purchased by several museums, churches, synagogues, and universities, including the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Margaret was one of the most generous contributors of content to Glass on Metal over the years. She has articles in
  • 19 issues of the magazine.
  • Margaret also gave to Mr. Carpenter (founder of the Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation) two original pencil on paper drawings. To raise additional funds, the Foundation is offering the two original drawings, a hardback copy of her first book, The Art of Enameling. And all 19 issues of Glass on Metal that
  • feature her articles. This is a small treasure for a collector of Margaret Seeler.