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How to Make Your Own Enamel Pins?

An enamel pin also knows as a Lapel pin is a small metal pin with some sort of decorative and ornamental enamel worn on clothing usually jackets, backpacks, and even phone covers. It may be hard to believe but these tiny expressions of representing honor and fashion were used as early as Ancient Egypt and were appeared first during Ming Dynasty in the 13th century.

Why Enamel Pins?

how to make enamel pin

These fun and quirky enamel pins are always crowd-pleasers, hence easily available and customized almost all over the world, and with these You can find professional and classy interesting pins and use them to spice up your outfit. It could be a little salute to your favorite sports team, a charity you support, your profession, or just something that you find cool. They don’t really need to be deep and meaningful, sometimes they’re just cool and aesthetic.

These tiny talking pins are carefully crafted to catch your eye and are great for sparking conversation at social events or just adding some extra color to your outfit.

How to get Enamel Pins?

Due to their increasing demand, they are frequently available on global websites like Amazon but not necessarily affordable for all the people or simply if you are too artistic to spend money on something so crafty like these. The cost of making enamel pins depends on many factors, like colors and materials used in the process. However, it can range expectedly from $130 to $220 for 100 units and even cheaper if you buy it from overseas. But what If I tell you, you can easily make some of your choices by yourself with some basic materials. DIYs are always cool, aren’t they?

With a resonance beyond a simple badge or brooch, you can add a bit of personality to your day with a colorfully etched enamel lion, a flower, or some funny quote.

You can gift it to your friends and can make your own and sell it by legal permit.

How to Make Your Own Enamel Pins?

Choose between the two

DIY guide for enamel pins

Since there are two basic categories of Enamel pins, The soft ones, and the hard (metal) ones. Soft ones are usually adherent and the metal ones include a pin for attachment. Let’s talk about metal ones as they are reliable and long-lasting and take plenty of time to fade away.

Here is the list of things you’ll be needing to create your own metal pins but before that, keep in mind what type of enamel pin you want and what would be the size of it (usually varying from 2 to 3 inches) because here “the size matters”!

Raw Materials :

  • Aluminum container
  • Drawing Sample
  • Metal embossing tool (you can also use a sharp-edged pen)
  • White cement ( can be replaced by plaster of Paris)
  • Adhesive glue
  • Chart paper
  • Nail paint
  • Pin

Now, most of them are already available in your household and if not, You can easily purchase these cheap products from the nearest store.

Let’s dig into the process

Step 1: Grab an aluminum container or sheet and cut a little piece of it exactly of the size you want your enamel pin in

Step 2: Make a sample of the piece of art you want on paper and of course you can ask others to do it for you if you are not good at art like me. The less detailed less effort you’ll be putting in while tracing, Cut it the same way following your aluminum piece.

Step 3: Now put that drawing piece above the aluminum piece and use a sharp cutter to emboss the border onto the aluminum piece thoroughly, covering the borders( Remember not to cut yourself with it)

Step 4: Now It’s time to make a mold. Mix a required quantity of cement with the super glue until it forms a thick paste

Step 5: Now put that mixture above the grooved or brailed area where you can feel the details filling the whole area and let it sit for an hour.

Step 6: After an hour, when it’s all dry and hard, scrape off the extra material.

Step 7: Now cut down a piece of card paper (preferably black) and glue it to the dried art piece. It will give the material more strength and stabilize it.

Step 8: Attach a safety pin or any hook you want to at the back of the enamel where there is card paper.

Step 9: Now grab a nail paint and polish it as you do to a coin. Nail enamel fits best for coloring as it gives the best-furnished touch and dries away instantly, you can also use Acrylic paints since it’s a metal. And when all that coloring is done HALLELUJAH!

Here’s your very own and cheap enamel pin same as the customized one. You can attach it to your jacket, bag or even your Clothes.

Here’s the virtual version of our child star Rob from MAD who formulated it.


In summary, the uses of enamel pins are countless. Some like to collect it and enhance their collection while some artistic minds create it with their own resources, both ways playing a major role in their personality expression.

Hopefully, you are now aware of the idea of enamel pins and how you can make these little funky packets of joy and add colors to your life.

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