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How to Hang Wood Art on the Wall?

Hanging wooden art on the walls can be worrisome, precisely, if you are making conscious efforts to complete the task with minimized damage to your painted wall. Before drilling, the important points to consider are size, weight, the shape of the wooden art piece, and the material of the wall.

Multiple questions might be popping into your head before hanging the wood art. Is my wall material capable of holding the art piece? Will drilling work for wood art? What are alternative ways to hang an art piece? Well, in this article, your queries for hanging a wooden artwork will be answered in detail. You can get these required items from markets, departmental stores, hardware shops, or maybe from your house.

You will identify the most appropriate methods for hanging your wood art in a creative, safe, and attractive manner.

Weigh the Wood Art Piece First

Before hanging any art piece on your wall, it is the best practice to weigh it. If the wooden art piece weighs somewhere around 10-12 pounds, generally all methods such as mounting tapes and adhesive strips successfully work. In case the weight is higher than 12 pounds, you might need to use screw eyes, studs, or strong hanging methods. By weighing the art piece, you will better be able to go for the most appropriate hanging methods and techniques.

Look for the Required Items

Every house, studio, and workplace constitutes pivotal art hanging essentials such as measuring tapes, hammers, etc. Other than these, you also need to gather the items that can be used for art pieces of different sizes and weights. These may include;

  • Adhesive tapes, strips, and nails for less-weighed art pieces.
  • Hanging hooks, studs, or rail-tracks kits, and wall anchors for the heavy-weighted
  • Brick clips work best in case you are attaching the wood art to the bricked walls.

Best Wood Art Hanging Tools and Methods

1. Mounting tapes and adhesive strips

tape for wall hanging

Mounting tapes and other double-sided adhesive strips can be used for hanging small wooden pieces that are very lightweight. This tape can hang small objects such as wooden keys holders, wooden photo frames, small wooden paintings, and light-weighted decorative boxes.

  • The surface you are applying the tape at, should be cleansed, oil-free, and completely dry. For 1 pound of weight3-5 inches of tape can work best.
  • Vertically apply the tape on the back of the object and press to remove any left space.
  • Remove the clear liner on the other side and paste it where you want.
  • It works on drywall, glass, wood, and stainless steel. Make sure you are buying wall-safe good quality mounted tapes.

2. Hangings hooks, screw eyes, and keyhole hangers

hooks for wood art decorations

Wooden artworks such as painting, decorative items, blocks, small hardware such as screw eyes, and hangers work best.

  • In the case of screw eyes, select the size based on the weight of your art. Drill the hole for it. Insert the screw eye in whole, and with the help of pliers, tighten it.
  • Install the keyhole hanger on the surface of your wood art. Place it over the nail in the wall. Fit the nail from the large opening of the hanger and then slide it. The nail will be shifted to a narrow opening and hence locked for the space.

3. Drywall anchor

These days, drywalls have become a crucial part of the infrastructure, and under such situations, drywall anchors can provide great support to the wooden art craft. These screw-in anchors come in plastic and metallic bodies. You can decide one based on your preferences and the weight of your artwork.

Drywall anchors come in multiple shapes with different weight-bearing capacities. However, the one with legs can hold a heavyweight. The anchor expands its legs on the other side of the wall and hence provides great support to the wooden work.

4. Rail-Cable Hanging Kit

Rail-track hanging kit works best in case your objects are too heavy-weighed. These cables are attached to a rail supported by the walls. The small hooks are attached to the wooden frames. The cable gets the support from these hooks and hence joins the rail system to the painting. The installation is great for large wooden crafts and provides strong and durable support to multiple pieces at once.

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The Ideal Height to Hang a Wood Art Above the Ground Level

The height of your art piece should stick to the level of the average human eye above the ground level. According to standard, an art piece should be hung somewhere between 55-60 inches above ground level. A standard measurement is used by art galleries, exhibitions, and museums so that the human eye can enjoy the captivity of art conveniently.

How to Take Measurements for Hanging?

Whether a carved wooden craft, geometric wooden art, or wooden framed painting, every piece requires accurate measurements so that viewers can be captivated by the beauty of the craft.

For this, you need to take some measurements and mark them, rather than hanging your expensive artwork randomly. Here’s how you can do it;

  1. Measure the height of the wall around 55-60 inches (57 ideally) and mark it with a pencil or removable chalk.
  2. In case you are hanging one wood art on a wall, measure the exact middle point, mark it, and keep the center of your painting on it.
  3. In the next step, measure the width of your art piece, mark the center of it. Your nail will be drilled considering this central point.
  4. You can also use a tooth holder by marking the midpoint of your artwork.
  5. Hang the art craft, use a weight-bearing wire in case of heavy wood pieces to balance the weight. Many wooden pieces come with hooks and are used for carrying the balancing wire.

How to remove nails and hole marks from the wall?

Once you shift your painting from one place to another, the space is left with holes and ugly nails. To fill the gap, fill the hole with a little plaster or spackle and plain the surface. If possible paint the area.

To safely remove the nail, take a board and place it right under the nail. Place the hammers’ claw right on the nail and gently push it outwards. This way, your wall will not be ruptured from the sides of the nail.


Wooden-carved decorative items may seem a bit difficult to hang on a wall, but with nails, studs, tapes, adhesive strips, and hooks, you can manage the light and medium-weighted pieces. However, it is recommended to use a strong rail track if your art craft is difficult to handle. You can also ask the Artcraft makers to send some professional crew members to your place to perfectly install the artwork on your wall. They may also change the wooden frame, in case it is not fitting to your overall decorations.

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