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Glass on Metal, the Premiere Magazine for Enamelists

A Long History of Enameling Expertise

Glass on Metal was first published in 1982 by Woodrow Carpenter, the Founder of the Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation, and was published for over 32 years.  This amazing publication become known as the best source of information about the use of vitreous enamel to create things of beauty.

In its last decade of publication, which ended in 2016, it was published under the auspices of the W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation, now the Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation.  Although it’s now out of print, all issues are still available from the Foundation.

A Wealth of Material on Enameling Techniques and Enameled Art

Most of the articles in the magazine are timeless – how to enamel, features about artists and their work, reviews of major exhibitions, enameling techniques, the history of enameling, and more.  Five issues in beautiful color were published each year (except for the black and white issues early in its history), for a total of 175 issues.

Glass on Metal Still Available in Print and Digital Form!

From the very beginning, a surplus of all the issues were printed, and these are still available from the Foundation.  This includes the very first issues that include technical articles that are not readily available anywhere else.

The magazines can be bought in our Enameling Supply Store on site or ordered by phone at 859-360-6384.  Some enamelists have ordered the entire set of over 170 issues!

A better way to get access is to become a Member of the FoundationAll members get access to a digital library of selected issues that will be expanded in the future to at least a thousand pages of material, and eventually, most of the issues.  Premium members also get three free original issues of their choice every year in hard copy every year they are a Member.

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