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Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Fabric?

Hey! Are you a painter? And you are going to start your new project which is about fabric painting. Then, fortunately, you are in a right place. If you are a beginner to work on fabric painting by using acrylics and you have a question that is popping in your mind, is can I use acrylic paint on fabric?

The answer is, yes you can use acrylic paint on fabric even I must say this would be turned into an amazing piece of art. You have heard before that using acrylics paints on clothes is easy to use and long-lasting but remember this is only possible if you use some tips and tricks to converting into a mixture that makes it able to work on most types of cloth.

Actually, in Do-It-Yourself, it is preferred to make your own mixture of acrylic paints rather than buy from any outer shop. All in all, genius is a big part of the fun of painting!

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Problem While Using Acrylic Paints on Fabric:

Overall, the acrylic paint retains most textures around, but there is only one problem: when it dries, it turns out to be thick and brittle, often breaking and spoiling at the slightest texture growth. In any case, using a so-called acrylic medium, you have the opportunity to have the acrylic paintwork on the texture, which will make your material vivid and strongly excellent shades that may not be possible by various means such as watercolor or temperament.

Basically, you need an acrylic medium. Acrylic medium is normally a substance that helps to thin out the texture of acrylic so that it can smoothly absorb in the fabric and does not become brittle after color dries.

You have so many choices from where you can purchase acrylic paints tubes, but again this is not better than DIY Acrylic paints.


Can I use Acrylic paint on the fabric?

Yes, you can use acrylic paints on fabric such as clothing, pillows, bedsheets, and shoes, etc.

Does Acrylic paint can be utilized for clothes and it can stay on fabric?

Yes, you can use acrylic paints for clothes. Because it can stay on fabric like clothes, shoes, etc. permanently. But before using acrylics on your clothes make sure that the paint that you are using is not washable. The reason is, washable acrylic paint will ruin your clothes.

Can I wash acrylic painted clothes with other clothes?

No! Never wash the acrylic painted clothes with other simple clothes. Because it will become a disaster for your other clothes and your clothes will ruin badly. Always try to wash out acrylic clothes separately from others.

Is it necessary to use an acrylic medium?

No! Acrylic medium is not essential for acrylic painting. But try to use it, because if you use acrylic medium into acrylic paint it smoothens the texture of paint and it becomes very easy to play with that color on your clothes.

Moreover acrylic medium thins the paint, so afterward it is comfortable to wear that piece of cloth.

Is acrylic paint washable?

Yes, acrylic paint can be washed out if it is wet yet. Once it dries off, then it becomes really difficult to wash it off. Usually, acrylic paint is dried in 20 to 30 minutes, so try to wash it before 15 minutes.

What are other options of paints to use on fabric?

There are some acrylic paints whose formula is especially to paint a fabric that’s why the best option is acrylic paint but alternatively, you can use fabric dye and alcohol-based paints.

What are the best acrylic paints?

Some best acrylic paints include Blick Studio Acrylic Paints, Arteza Acrylic Paints, and M. Grahams Artist’s Acrylic. You can get these from online stores too.

Which substance can I use as an acrylic medium?

You can glycerol as an acrylic medium. There are many other options of substances that can work as an acrylic medium, but glycerol is the most common and affordable substance. But do not use too much glycerol it can ruin your painting, always use a small amount of this substance.

How To Paint A Fabric With Acrylic Paints?

Locally obtained acrylic mediums have clear instructions for the most efficient method for their use. Either way, think about it while considering other factors: In general, mixing acrylic paint with the acrylic medium is an extremely abstract material and is entirely based on the type of medium you use, the type of acrylic paint you use, and the thickness or inclination of your acrylic texture paint.

Usually, the more you remove your acrylic paint, the easier it will be to stick it to the texture. With finer acrylic paint, you can create complex examples and even mix accents together.

Here are some tips on how to use acrylic paint on fabrics:

  • Give your fabric through the washing machine.
  • Wait for the fabric to dry.
  • Eliminate any current protective coating.
  • Use a spare shirt or piece of cloth for acrylic testing.
  • Wear old clothes that you would not worry about getting dirty.
  • Work on a permeable surface that will not absorb or destroy the paint.
  • Put paper or plastic on your floor Mix completely your paint.
  • Use a medium, to soften your texture and make the color follow better.
  • Use an iron to heat your acrylic paint for 2 to 3 minutes, but must put something between iron and paint, it helps to seal your painting on cloth.
  • Types of fabrics that are suitable for painting textures are Wool, cotton-poly blends, soft cowhide, weaving, calf, cotton, corduroy, woven, most materials, terry fabric, velvet, felt, velvet and silk.


I think now you are able to do an acrylic painting. You can paint anything you want shirts, shoes, pants, pillows, curtains and so on. I hope due to this detailed guide, you have cleared all of your confusion. But keep in mind, an acrylic-painted fabric needs special care afterward. Read the article carefully, and start your new project.

All the Best Lovelies!

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