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Best Watercolour Brush Pens: 5 Watercolour Brush Pens for Amazing Artwork

Pens with watercolour ink for artists and craftspeople are a relatively new invention. You can create watercolours with pens like this without needing a portable rinse water container. Because they are so adaptable, using them is a lot of fun. This is an excellent time to experiment with watercolour brush pens. Break the mould and create some stunning items that require little to no cleanup. Watercolour brush pens are a portable, convenient, and beginner-friendly alternative to a full watercolour set. They are also a beautiful form of media in and of themselves. You can use the best Watercolour brush pens to create any style. To achieve a watercolour-like wash, either dip the tip of your pen in water before using it or leave it dry. They’re excellent for commuting. Put them in your bag and go in search of new ideas.

Best Watercolour Brush Pens

As the name suggests, this painting medium combines a variety of watercolours with the convenience of a pen. Brush pens are a great alternative to traditional watercolours if you don’t want to deal with the mess. You can also use these tools to enhance adult colouring books. If you want the finest of both worlds, this is the art form. Watercolour pens are available in various styles, materials, and price points. Finally, the size and shape of the pen used are determined by the artist’s painting technique and personal preferences.

1.  DecoSpark Calligraphy Watercolour Brush Pens

DecoSpark Calligraphy Watercolour Brush Pens


This is the product I started with because it is simple but of the finest quality. Because the brush tips are flexible and sensitive, I can easily vary the thickness of my strokes. It is extremely important in calligraphy. The brush tips are exceptionally resistant to wear and tear and have exhibited no signs of deterioration or loss of shape thus far. It has also enabled me to create many paintings nearly equivalent to those produced using traditional brush and paint processes.

You may effortlessly combine the warm tones that come with it with only a single water brush pen. Although 20 colours are more than I’ll ever need, the absence of pastel colours could have been handy for more intricate pieces of art if they had been included. If all you want is calligraphy, you’ll be fine with what you get in this package. By blending and combining different colours, you may create amazing effects with the accompanying water brush pen. Cool colours, on the other hand, are more difficult to combine. It will take more time and patience to achieve the desired effect.


  • Colours can be blended using the accompanying water brush pen.
  • Colouring, doodling, drawing, and even calligraphy are all possible with this medium.
  • There are over twenty vibrant colours to pick from.
  • The use of basic and flexible brush tips allows for more realistic painting effects and executions.


  • Cool hues might be difficult to mix.

2.  Artezia Watercolour Brush Pens

Artezia Watercolour Brush Pens


These Arteza watercolour brush pens are an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget yet want a high-quality pen. By utilising water-based paints in these pens, I can add vivid and brilliant colours to my artwork. They are relatively simple to use and, when used appropriately, quite powerful. The pens are also comfortable to hold, allowing me to work for extended periods without discomfort.

These pens have brush-like tips and function similarly to traditional paintbrushes. Because of the soft and flexible tips, I can concentrate on the finer details of the artwork. What I enjoy best about this kit is the variety of colours. There aren’t many other options with as many colours for the price as this one. As the pigments flow, the brush strokes are consistent and uninterrupted. This is an important concern as I grow my handwriting business.


  • Colours that you can combine to form new hues.
  • It’s all about the fine, silky tips in this case.
  • No chemical scents or dangers.


  • Non-recyclable plastic containers that are not suited for shipping.

3.  Benicci Watercolor Brush Pens

Benicci Watercolor Brush Pens


I chose this bundle to have so many colours for a reasonable price. Furthermore, it was the extra features that caught my curiosity. More water may cause the colours to lose their purity. I can only prepare my artwork for a show by submitting it to several galleries. My favourite aspect of this package is that it includes everything I need to transport my work, such as a reusable brush pen, watercolour paper, and a travel bag. These non-toxic watercolour paint pens allow me to spend quality time with my nieces and nephews while creating lifelong memories. Even though they aren’t particularly gifted artists, the bright colours never fail to lift their moods.

Another feature I like about this set is the flexible brush tips, which allow for smooth transitions between thick and tiny strokes. They hold their shape fairly well even after extensive use.


  • Includes a travel case and watercolour paper pad.
  • Versatile in use, from calligraphy to painting.
  • For ease of use in drawing and writing, the tips are flexible.


  • Too much water can cause colours to fade.

4.  Ohuhu Watercolour Calligraphy Brush Pens

Ohuhu Watercolour Calligraphy Brush Pens


Even with complicated artwork, the fine tips pack a powerful punch. They’ve never failed me when painting, colouring, writing, or calligraphy. This set includes 20 colours and a water-colouring brush, so I’ll have everything I need to finish any creative project. Furthermore, the water brush pen can create wonderful watercolour effects. My children can use these watercolour markers because they are non-toxic and have no odour.

Details are the devil’s favourite toy. Some of my paintings stand out due to their thin lines and small forms. I was able to accomplish this accomplishment with the assistance of this painting kit.

I enjoy mixing and combining different colours with the water brush pen to create new and unique designs. So, if you can’t find the colour you desire in the collection, don’t worry; you can always make your own. It would then be your creation.


  • Calligraphy enthusiasts will appreciate these flexible and fine points.
  • A water brush is included for mixing paints.
  • Clean and devoid of any noxious odours or chemicals.


  • Some colours are more difficult to mix than others.

5.  Doodle Hog Watercolour Brush Pen Gift Box

Doodle Hog Watercolour Brush Pen Gift Box


With the flexible tips and high-quality brushes, it’s simple to get my hands filthy with the fine details. They let me produce a smooth transition between thick and thin lines without smearing or streaking. Because of their honesty and quality, the Doodle Hog Watercolour brush pens come in a 48-colour set and are economical for both professional and novice painters. Professionals should think about buying one of these kits. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of hues I can create myself with only a few drops of water and the vivid colours provided in the kit. The strength of the colours remains constant regardless of how much blending I do. This set has one more brush than I anticipated finding in a standard kit. However, having twice the amount of water allows me to complete my artwork while on the road without running out of resources. I don’t recommend this kit for letters because of the delicate tips, but it’s fantastic for colouring or calligraphy. If you want to use these pens for delicate details, you must also handle them with care and patience. It is extremely advised that you undertake some research before letting your children play with them.


  • There’s a lot of colour for not much money.
  • Brushes and tips of the highest calibre for silky-smooth application.
  • Smudges or streaks will not appear.
  • This product may be used with or without water and is portable.


  • The absence of Information on the chemical composition.

Purchasing Guide For The Best Watercolour Brush Pens

Tip Ink Balance

Some brush pens can spray a large amount of ink. Wet brush pens cover a large amount of paper quickly and are often easier to blend than other types of markers. Dryer brush pens are easier to use since their ink is released more slowly, making them sturdy. They can provide dry brush effects when applied without additional water. Brush pens are ideal for use in a diary since they are less likely to overwhelm thin paper.

The Appropriate Quantity Of Colours.

Before you send out the cash for a new kit, consider the nature of your profession and how many colours you require. You probably don’t need as many colours to begin your calligraphy job as if you were painting a colourful, realistic portrait. While spending a little extra for many more colours is fantastic value, the colours you rarely use will dry out before you decide to give them a try.


Felt-tip pens come in a variety of hardness levels. Softer pens provide better coverage and line diversity, but they take more practice to master. Firmer pens have less line variation, making them easier to control. As a result, they are perfect for beginners, but they may also be used for minor tasks and details.


This is the typical number of chemicals used to produce a watercolour brush pen. Brush pens are now virtually odourless and non-toxic due to advancements in manufacturing technology. Despite this, certain brush pens contain high chemicals and odours that may endanger children when used. In this instance, search for organisations with a strong reputation for having low tool toxicity. Additionally, before purchasing, examine the toxicity level of the product.

The Tip’s Size And Material.

As a result, watercolour brush tips come in a range of materials. Unlike traditional paint brushes, you may use Bristle-tip brush pens to cover large areas and produce brushy effects. This brush pen is often made of plastic and has a felt tip. They are simple to maintain and consistently produce lines. Brush pens are available with either a wide or fine tip. Delicate tips are great for smaller tasks and fine details, whilst broad points are best for drawing bold strokes.


What exactly is The watercolour brush pen?

A watercolour brush pen is a mechanism that can both hold and dispense watercolour colours. All you need to get started is a paint tube and a brush. By combining the two, you may make a watercolour brush pen.

This technology has enabled artists like you and me to create art without dealing with the mess of the traditional paint method. These watercolour brush pens are ready to use with a single pull of the cap. Water brush pens are provided so you can work on the go. They can blend colours or add distinctive effects to your painting.

Who benefited from these?

Watercolour brush pens may help any artist, whether they work professionally or for enjoyment. There is no age limit on who can use these pens to get the most out of the realm of art. As a result, whether you buy one for yourself or your child, this device may help you achieve outstanding results.

A watercolour brush pen is an ideal alternative to a traditional brush when working on smaller and more precise projects.

Is it possible to determine which brands are the best to purchase?

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most well-known brands of watercolour brush pens. You can also ask your friends and coworkers whether they’ve tried the product before and get their thoughts on it.


To get the most bang for your money, it’s critical to understand what features or components come with a product. An all-inclusive bundle that includes a water brush pen set and a painting pad could be a terrific way to start your new hobby, especially if you’re a beginner. You’ll be able to save money on a kit while determining what works best for you and your painting style. If you’re an experienced artist, there are occasions when shopping around can help you get the most bang for your buck. I often wonder how many of the colours in the package I would never use. I’ve discovered that kits with a larger number of colours that I know I’ll use are more likely to be purchased. We all want to get the most bang for our buck, so I’d offer some pointers.

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