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Acrylic Enamel Paint for Glass Painting

If you are planning to paint glass and looking for the best option to have a wonderful experience, then this review is going to help you a lot. You will go through multiple options but the unmatchable solution is acrylic enamel paint. This oil-based paint will give a polished and glossy finish to your glass. The unmatchable features that this paint has are its durability, toughness, water resistance. This paint also protects your glass from weather effects. If you are planning to use them in window glass at your home or in the office, they will give the same results. You need not wash or clean them daily. Acrylic enamel paints will make your life easy and comfortable. These colors are available in many colors you can pick the one according to your taste and art style.

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Before acrylic enamel paints, people used to paint glass with traditional glass paints. These paints were costly, washable, and not eco-friendly. The biggest problem with these paints is, they take a lot of time to dry. Artists have to wait for hours to complete their painting on glass. Acrylic enamel paints have solved all these problems, as they are quick to dry and stay for a long period on the surface. They are cohesive and diffuse easily with the upper layer of the glass. These paints are easy to handle, you can create wonders with your creative designs as they allow the artist to work without any worry and delays. They don’t merge in other layers quickly and save you from unwanted color combinations.

It is difficult to find a quality product as there are many options available in the market. But let me know the best one is Folk Art Enamel Paint which I have used personally. Let me guide you on the easiest way to paint your glass with Folk Acrylic Enamel paint.

FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set Designed for Beginners and Artists

FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set


This set of enamel paint comes in 16 2 oz bottles i.e. total 32 oz. You get all fashioned colours in non-toxic material. The application of this enamel acrylic paint is very easy and smooth. To give a new touch to your creation, it brings all bright and dim shades for a stunning texture.

When dry, it is scratch-resistant, smooth, and gloss finish.  You can apply this paint on glass and ceramic. This enamel paint is easy to remove and clean from all surfaces. Even it’s quite easy to clean it from the floor or from your clothes. Just wet the stains of glass paint with a solution of soap and water and see the magic.

This non-toxic enamel paint is convenient for people who have kids and pets. They don’t need to worry about it as FolkArt has presented it as eco-friendly product.

The pack of 16 colors include all bright opaque colors such as sterling silver, burnt umber, licorice, Parisian pink, yellow light, pure orange, and many others.

It can be used with all tools, stencils, and brushes for a stunning creation and elegant look. FolkArt Acrylic Paints are available in various specialty finishes including neon, glitter, enamel, and chalk paint etc.

However, you can’t use these enamel paints in glass fusing. Even more, you can cure FolkArt Enamels Painted Glass Project very easily by using bake method. You can wash the cured surface within 72 hours. Even, it can be used to paint the wood art piece. However, it can’t be oven cured. You can air cure it for 21 days.

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Step 1:

Wash the glass thoroughly with soft hot soapy water and let it dry. try to use the cotton towel, don’t smudge it with your fingers. To avoid fingerprints on glass you can use latex gloves.

Step 2:

While using your Folk Acrylic Enamel Paint, read all the given instructions carefully. Use the synthetic bristle brush as it will provide you smooth and even paint strokes. You can also use applicator sponges or a stencil. If you want to paint in planned patterns, cut the shape on paper first and then dip it in paint to apply it evenly.

Step 3:

Folk Acrylic paints need to be backed to have a durable finishing on glass. Choose the temperature in the oven according to the type and quality of your glass. Or you can follow the instructions simply.

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My experience with Folk Enamel paint was amazing. I didn’t use such high-quality finish paint before. These paints are long-lasting and dry in minutes. They are highly affordable and will justify your cost. If someone wants to save his energy, time and money he should go for these paints. The packaging and instructions on the label are playing a vital role to make them more valuable for their customers. All the guidance they feed, to show that they are highly conscious of the better experience of their customer. Their products are available in every size and variety of colors. They also offer complementary products to make your art process easy and hassle-free.

Their all products are easily available on Amazon, you can simply search them with Folk Art and choose your desirable paints. you can also click the link below to have an idea about their product range.

A winning story:

Let me share my journey to find these products on Amazon. We had an art competition at my college 3 days ago. I was chosen to paint the glass but was worried about how I would be able to get glass paint that would dry soon and give my glass canvas metal and lusty look. One of my teachers suggested my Folk Art Acrylic Enamel Paints. I looked at Amazon and ordered them. They had delivered these paints in a minimum time. Their quick and cooperative response made my day. I got the position in our art competition. All the credit goes to Folk Art. . If you want to win the art battles of your life you are on the right page.


Q1: Are these colors available in all shades?

Yes, you can find almost all shades in our store.

Q2: Do you deliver globally?

Yes, we offer our products all over the world.

Q3: Can I use these paints for glitter finish?

These paints are not available in Glitter finish but you can add some glitter separately and mix it before baking them for a glitter finish.

Q4: Are these paints available in convenient sizes?

Yes, they are available in 16 to 2 Oz bottles. We also offer to customize bottles at the request of the artist.

Q5: Do Folk Art arrange workshops or training sessions for art?

No, we don’t offer such sessions. But will try to facilitate you with our premium quality art supply. If you need any kind of help you can talk to our customer representative to have clear guidance about products.

At last, I would love to utter the last words in the praise of their excellent quality products and their overall services. They take the needs of their customers professionally. They try to facilitate them in the best possible way. They also guide their customers about the products. They make it sure that their customer has full awareness about the advantages and disadvantages of the product. They also appreciate the relationship with their customer by offering them discounts and bundle offers. Their products are equally beneficial for students, art teachers, professionals, and domestic artists. If you want to paint your office glass you can order their products and also design ideas you want to explore. If you want to have glass paint art at your home windows and doors, you can order them. In short, they are suitable for small and large art projects.

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